Wildlife Trail Project

Welcome to the wildlife trail project! This is a lovely path through a wooded area of the park which has been enriched with colourful decoration inspired by the wildlife you can find in Linn Park Local Nature Reserve.

We were happy to receive support from Paths For All and Healthier Scotland. King’s Park Secondary School and St Fillans’s Primary School pupils undertook path improvement works to the existing trail through the Millennium Wood. Netherlee Primary School and Merrylee Primary School eco-committees have been involved in developing the content for the trail. 

Along the trail you will find small doors representing the wildlife in the park. The QR code will take you to the gallery on our website where you can learn more about the animal, bird, fish, insect or wildflower.

  • Nest Box Birds

    Nest Box Birds The lovely children at Heathdene Nursery designed some fabulous doors based on small birds. Some of those birds are those we help with the nest box project in the park. The Wildlife Trail Bats Continue on the trail Badgers Back to the start

  • Badger

    Badger Badgers are the largest wild carnivore in Scotland. They are nocturnal animals who don’t emerge from their sett until sunset. They can sleep for a few days in winter if the weather is cold and snowy.

  • Bats

    Bats Bats are a protected species. We have put some boxes in the park to help them.