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Website Sustainability Audits

Website Sustainability Audits

Have you ever wonder what the carbon footprint of your website is? No Lesser Panda offers website sustainability audits which will review your site.

Why might you want an audit?

There are a number of reasons you might want a website sustainability audit:

  • To find ways to make your site more sustainable
  • To understand the environmental impact of your website
  • As part of a calculation of your Scope 3 emissions
  • As part of your corporate carbon accounts
  • To help your business understand what is required to reach net zero
  • To calculate how much carbon to offset

What is included in the report?

The report gives you a detailed breakdown per page for your site, it includes details such as:

  • A sustainability rating for each page
  • Total page weight plus a breakdown of the components that make up the page weight
  • A carbon output for each page
  • Details of areas for improvements per page
  • Recommendations for how to make improvements per page
  • Key areas for improvement site wide
  • Detailed description of how the calculations are performed, including references

What can you do with the report?

You can use the report to:

  • Better understand your digital carbon footprint
  • Make your site more sustainable
  • Demonstrate your carbon reductions after making improvements

How much does it cost?

Reports are £50 per page. You can select a few key pages on your site to be audited or have a site wide audit. If your site uses templates, such as a blog or e-commerce site then the assesment can be performed on the template rather than each individual page.

Example Report

You can download an abbreviated example report here:

View report (Click to open or right click and ‘Save link as’ to download)

Want to know more?

If you would like to have your site audited or you have any questions then please get in touch!

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