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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Panda power!


To provide a great design service, in a way that benefits the local area, whilst promoting and protecting the environment and helping others do the same.”


Planet - People - Pandas

No Lesser Panda believes that businesses have a vital role to play in their local communities but also a wider responsibility to our environment. This means treating people and our planet with respect, compassion and kindness. I try to practice these principles in all aspects of my work.

I have set three key target areas to measure how the business performs relative to its values and to set goals to help the business improve.


No Lesser Panda supports local small businesses where possible, be it over social media or in terms of local collaborations. I source printing equipment from local suppliers and try to champion local heritage and environmental issues. I also offer Pro Bono work to local charities and community interest companies.

As a microbusiness it is hard to affect much influence directly on inclusivity, intersectionality and equality but I try to share my views on the importance of these issues and share my platform where possible on social media.


No Lesser Panda designs all websites to have a low carbon footprint, this means sites which are efficient and data light.

No Lesser Panda HQ runs on 100% renewable electricity, gas used for heating is carbon offset. Currently the No Lesser Panda website runs on web servers owned by a company which purchases carbon credits, rather than one which is 100% renewable. No Lesser Panda has the goal of moving to servers that run on 100% renewable energy and is encouraging the current server provider to offer this as an option. No Lesser Panda uses Cloudflare for efficient web caching and to use local server space to improve efficiency, Cloudflare runs it’s servers on 100% renewable energy.

According to websitecarbon.com the average website produces 1.76g of carbon per visit, No Lesser Panda only produces 0.18g which is better than 86% of websites online. I have set myself the target of further reducing the carbon output and making the top 10%.


No Lesser Panda supports the Red Panda Network in the brilliant conservation and community support work they do for which not only helps protect the incredible red panda in the Himalayas but helps local communities adopt sustainable forestry practices and involves them in rewilding projects. Currently No Lesser Panda makes ad hoc donations, the goal is to be able to make regular monthly donations.

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